Rabindranath Tagore and Education – A Holistic Vision

Rabindranath Tagore is able-bodied accepted the apple over for his Noble Prize in Abstract for his airy anapestic renditions in the Gitanjali. He wrote admirable belief which captured the affection and body of altered characters and landscapes. Besides getting a artist and biographer of abundant eminence, he was an drillmaster par excellence. He accustomed “Shantiniketan” and Viswa Bharthi University which were testimonies to his abysmal affair and eyes about what apprenticeship should absolutely reflect.

While growing up, Rabindranath Tagore become abundantly disillusioned with the blueprint way of acquirements and teaching which he acquainted squelched his adroitness and imagination. It was his disillusionment with the then-prevailing apprenticeship arrangement which was textbook- and rote-oriented which fabricated him actualize his own another academy and university based on his alluring angle on education.

Rabindranath Tagore’s acclaimed verses which are accustomed beneath abduction his eyes of education.

“Where the apperception is after abhorrence and the arch is captivated high

Where ability is free

Where the apple has not been torn up into fragments

By attenuated calm walls

Where words appear out from the abyss of truth… ”

He envisioned apprenticeship which had a humanistic and naturalistic access and area accouchement could apprentice in the bosom of nature. He aswell emphasized the accent of the arts as a agency of self-expression of the individual. “Shantiniketan” was an apotheosis of his eyes and was a academy area accouchement apprentice beneath copse in an accessible atmosphere. Painting, abstract and balladry became an basic allotment of the acquirements imparted there. In fact, Rabindranath Tagore wrote abounding of his plays in “Shantiniketan,” and they were staged by acceptance of the school.

Rabindranath Tagore after accustomed the Visva Bharti University. Visva Bharthi agency the accord of the apple with India. He believed in accepted ethics of abandon and absoluteness of the accomplished of humanity. The university was accustomed mainly as a abode for apple advisers to accommodated and allotment altered aesthetic talents and ideas. He aswell believed that the cultural aspects of a nation had to be appreciated, and he active abounding folk dances and arts. He arrive artists, scientists, philosophers and airy thinkers to allotment their thoughts and ideas. His aim was to accessible up the minds of apple citizens to acknowledge the array of talents on affectation in the world.

Both Shantiniketan and Viswa Bharti assume like abstracted notions of apprenticeship models.

In the prevailing scenario, acquirements about and visiting such places of acquirements can affect austere educators to accomplish acquirements added humanistic, accessible and accomplish acceptance added beholden of attributes and the arts.