True Leaders DISCOVER

Do you remember the old advertising campaign slogan, Inquiring minds want to know? Or, the slogan, for Syms, An educated consumer is our best customer? With these in mind, shouldn’t the crux and core of effective leadership, be based on someone proceeding with an open – mind, considering options and alternatives, and attempting to constantly DISCOVER, the best way to proceed? The reality is, no one person, has all the answers, and few, even possess the willingness, and/ or desire, to learn, what might be the best way to proceed! Therefore, this article will briefly examine, using the mnemonic approach, what this concept means, as it relates to serving as the best, most effective leader.

1. Delve deeply; deliver: Begin the process, by thoroughly considering the options and alternatives, and going, well beyond the surface, and delving deeply, into the best way to proceed! However, if this is to become, more than merely a meaningless exercise, realize, you must proceed forward, and over – deliver on your promises, to do what’s best, for your organization and constituents!

2. Ideas; interest; imagination: Evaluate whether your ideas are relevant to what’s best for your group! Will you maintain your interest, in order to set the example, and keep others interested, in getting further involved, etc? Is the quality and level of your imagination, significant – enough, to make a real difference?

3. Service; sustainable system: Who will you be serving, yourself, or the best interests of those you represent? Will you focus on your commitment to meaningful service, and discover, what is best for those concerned? Are you capable of proceeding beyond, merely, putting a band – aid, on a wound, and perceive, conceive, create, develop and implement, a meaningful, relevant, sustainable system?

4. Clarity; cooperation; character: If you don’t fully explore what’s needed, and possible, how will you be able, to articulate, with clarity, your ideas and approached? Will you consistently demonstrate, the quality of your character, by focusing on others, over your self – interest? Will you emphasize cooperation, rather than using the adversarial approach?

5. Options; opportunities: Discover the options and alternatives, consider them thoroughly, and transform them, to recognizing, and utilizing the finest opportunities!

6. Vision; virtue: Meaningful leadership requires possessing the virtue, to motivate those you serve, to strive for excellence. Doing so, generally, means, it is necessary, to possess and articulate a relevant, motivating vision!

7. Empathy; excellence: You’ll never discover the best approach, until/ unless you effectively listen and learn, and proceed with true empathy! Strive for excellence, rather than accepting good – enough!

8. Relevant; reliable: Is your approach, truly relevant, as well as reliable, in the best interests of your organization, and constituents?

Great leaders possess the skills, abilities, mind – set, and positive attitude, to focus clearly, and DISCOVER the best way to proceed! Are you up to the task?